Saturday, September 15, 2007

Speaking Of Homer...

When Homer Simpsons go D'OH!,

we'll go nuts.

Well, we've been buying dozens, every visit taken to Big Apple Donuts And Coffee. We enjoyed dining in the place since we can actually get a sneak peek of their way of making and frying these freshly cooked doughnuts. Serving the crowds a big ol piece of glazed doughnut for samples, we must say that; that's very generous of them. We have been a group of avid Dunkin Donut's craver since we knew the way to venture our taste bud. But then, nothing's perfect. We'll be standing on both sides though.

We favor Dunkin's and the other; Big Apple's. By comparing, it's obvious that prices does not really differ much though the sizes of each individuals isn't the same. Dunkin's had bigger and more bread-like texture doughnuts. On the other hand, Big Apple's had a fluffier, airy and crispier doughnuts.

As for the creative mind award, it'll definitely be Big Apple's, as they had loads of variations. For instance, Duran Duran, the one with Durian cream and artificial spikes and some others like the one; with oreo cookie crumbs, cheese, kiwi flavored jam and etcetera. Speaking of glazings and creams, we'll definitely be rooting on Dunkin's. Dunkin's creams and glazes are thicker in terms of liquidity, and slightly sweeter.

A great doughnut should be airy, fluffy, crispy on the outside, filled with thick and lucious sweetened cream with a hint of a detectable flavoring; our food for thoughts. We want meaty fillings for doughnuts, that's what we usually called for. On once occasion, we tried playing with play dough aka bread dough, trying out our newly learned bread-twisting skills.

Since we wanted meaty doughnuts, we opt for the mini sausages and curry chicken as its fillings. For the former idea, we wrapped the frozen and boneless curry chicken with an appropriate amount of bread dough. Then, after proofing for some time, it was time to coat the breadcrumbs onto the enlarged filled dough.

This is cheeky, because there's a need to handle these proofed dough with care. We dipped them into a bowl of lukewarm water and roll them onto the breadcrumbs to coat their surface.

By then, it can be cooked on a deep pan, on a low heat. While frying, turn these meaty doughnuts over and over to prevent excess browning.

The outcome of the Curry Chicken Doughnut; hmm, best served warm. (*Chuckles*)

Next, the leftover dough were used up to wrap the mini sausages for some Mini Sausage Rolls.

The same process repeats. Proofing.


And none the less, frying. The kids loves the crunchy breadcrumbs, but not the sausages. They even commented that we should get a better tasting sausages.

Oh D'oh!