Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lavender Or Cocoa?

As appetizers, feast this!

This baby here do really reminds us of Colby, the red Miniature Pinscher.

Before my arrival here, Colby had been the prince and a baby to Fatass Michelle.

The perky ears of Colby stands out from the rest of his body parts, and that is how that mini attracted Fatass. Perky ears equals handsome.

One might wonder where on earth is he now. Happy to bark that he's been sent away due to his yappy and horny attitude, for that; he have been molesting Missy each and every day, and I've been taking over his role as Fatass's baby ever since then. (*Devilish Lame Signature Grin*)

We've been slacking off every now and then. And great to know that while we're typing this, we've totally forgotten that Pan Dulce is still heating up in the oven. Not for long, we'll be sinking our teeth into those C-grade Pan Dulce in a grosteque manner. As for today's long winded paw printed post, we'll get back to the basics; which is most likely making easy breezy pretty cookies. It might not be as pretty as the IT thing for now; cupcakes. Fatass Michelle and I got ourselves into mixing the lavender cookies dough and the chocolate infused truffles cookie dough.

As for the Lavender Cookies, the aroma was fairly too strong though only half a tablespoon of dried lavenders were added into the dough.

That is the actual starting point that we realized that Fatass had her own doggy sense too. From that cookie onwards, lavender is a no-no for the two of us. We choked whenever the baked cookie were placed under our nostrils.

After surfing throughout the net, we learn that the sugar needed for the cookie dough can be stored with half tablespoon of dried lavenders for a couple of days. By then, the sugar will be used as part of the lavender cookie's ingredient while the dried lavenders will be omitted and could be used again. Then, the aroma of the cookie wouldn't be real strong.

To make these dainty looking cookies looked a edible and pwetty, we topped them off with colored sugar. Any type of sugar will make them looked good - from coarse to super fine sugars. As lavenders are purple, there's no doubt that we, smart asses would be mixing the color purple with the sugars. A cup of sugar were mixed with 2-3 drops of one's favorable choice of coloring.

On the unbaked cookie dough, one can sprinkle the colored sugar on the cookie's surface. If time allows, you might want to try to sprinkle only one part of it. To create a contrast heart-shaped pattern, we used a smaller heart-shaped cookie cutter to assist the entire decorating process. The baked cookies turned out great. The cookie itself was buttery and tasted like traditional shortbread. But... There's always a BUT... My bad; as we've not planned to substitute the dried lavenders with the so called lavender-sugar.

Moving on, we tried our hands on Truffle Cookies, which came out wonderfully like rocky roads. Thumbs up for its texture and the cocoa aroma. A good quality of cocoa powder were used so that it tasted like the actual truffle. The dough was rolled into a bowl of icing sugar and was covered thickly with it.

The cookie deforms during the baking session begins, which is a pretty daunting sight. It should be like asteroids or shall we say it should be in the form of rounded rocky shape. It should be... (*Frowns*)

Thanks to Fatass lame instinct, we've gotten ourselves a flatter edible dirty looking asteroid. The truffle cookies should be taken out from the oven earlier. Baking it for a lesser time will help in retaining its rocky cum round shape though. (*Frowns Again*)

Like the old adage goes; do not judge a book by its cover. And it do relates for this C-grade baby truffle here; do not judge a cookie by its appearances. It tasted very much like a truffle. Since it's a truffle cookie, it is less sweeter than the real truffle is. The kids love them, simply because the chocolatey and chewy texture. (*Smiles*)