Sunday, September 23, 2007

Heating Up Pan Dulce

As we tried to google up the other recognized term for Pan Dulce, we found out that these sweet baked goods were generally originated from Mexico. Easily defined as a sweet bun which have been topped off with sweetened streusel topping, best yet, traditional ones were pretty colorful. The Mexicans christened these sweet buns as Mexican Sweet Bun. And obviously, Mexican Buns does not only refer to the very famous Roti Boy. Roti Boy, buns filled with melted butter and coffee flavored streusel topping were surprisingly part of these Mexican Sweet Bun. There were hundreds when one speak of the colored toppings and shapes. More samples of Mexican Sweet Buns from this link; Rico Pan Dulce. As for the recipes, click here; Pan Dulce's recipe.

As the bread dough were proofing, we got ourselves into topping-making. Two toppings and one portion of bread dough. No fillings were incurred as we were out of time - Fatass Michelle needs to prepare for her college's stuffs.

This is down to the sweet vanilla streusel topping with white icing and the other was the coffee flavored streusel sprinkled with colorful chocolate rice. Coffee topping were spread onto the proofed bun, followed by the colorful chocolate rice.

Within an hour and the half, the Pan Dulce With Coffee Topping were done.

Next up, the Pan Dulce With Vanilla Topping.

The vanilla streusels were rubbed with fingertips, onto the surface of the unbaked bun in order to looked as crumbly as possible.

Once baked, it was cooled on a wire rack.

Icing were made and spooned into a piping bag. By using a small round shaped nozzle, the piping begins. Patterns varies.

Some were perfect; with beautiful swirls which is good enough to catch some unwanted attention.

While some others looked sperminated. (*Devilish Grin*). Hmm, this calls for more food porn. x)