Thursday, October 4, 2007

Confessions Confessed

A bond which has been left untouched, far apart, and unconnected for a period of 3 years, or may be even more. Oh poochie Whisky, let me take it from here.

A cup of scraps from the chocolate genoise and a hole to bury the past.

It started off just like most cat fights did which does not involve drastic pull-hair actions and claw-fights. And, honestly, I must confessed that I was glad. Glad that bad things happened pretty quick, that surprisingly taught me lessons that I wouldn't think of learning. Being independent, treasuring none-cookie cutter people, learning the implicit rule of the well-known term 'sharing is caring' and having the time of my own; which partially injected the baking craze in me.

The oreo and whipping cream. Looks can be deceiving.

Jealousy, misunderstandings and immature minds of young school kids. That may be the reasons of the whole past historical occurrence. No offense to anyone, that is just a set of stereotypes of the usual school kids, which includes me as well. x)

Where the burying begins. Filled with Oreo cream and covered with whipping creams.

Looking on some perspectives, there's absolutely no regrets on befriending her. Though the feud over the past years had been a definite cold silent war, in return, God had arranged someone new for me to venture with. Perhaps, it's just what destined us to be far apart at one point. And then, back together on the other, to instill values that we have always wished for. That is the thoughts that came running through one mind of mine.

Filling the top with a whole tube of Oreo. Surprise, surprise.

There's even times that I would not want to believe the hidden actions; actions behind the veil. But, see; there's always a but, sighting a green homemade friendship voucher of hers in a box filled with buddies' birthday cards and letters changed my mind.

One word; Flat. Topping more Oreos to get the piled-up appearance.

After some time, I'd manage to let go and get back on my dirty hiking tracks with someone new. That is one reason that my other blog, which revolves stuffs about the feud, has been put down. "So, what's the use of having that blog for," I thought, once realizing both closest buds have already been putting their faith and trust in me. The blog's officially buried deep down under. No, I would not be digging for its' remains though, but I'll be keeping it as it takes me days to google for one right choice of worthy life-time quote. =)

After pilling up, the top gets the prize. Prize of being piped with hippy happy words.

After the years of text messages fun-filled with apologies from one and another, vice versa, the truth begins to emerge itself. Years passed, feuds over, things change and so does each and every girl which gives an impact into my life during my good old naughty days. The sincerity and warmth can be felt, and I was freed, spiritually. No burdens. None, for now. I treasured the losses. And my girls.

An Oreo surprise for the roundest buttock woman. A big smack on her butt. (*Smacks*)

A procrastinated paw-printed post, dedicated to the one who came on the 12th of September 19XX, Shuet Theng. Happy big ol Buttday, Shuet Theng!