Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chocolate Cravings

We've been cupcake-crazy since last month. We are tempted in making them as they were much more easier to be baked and uber cute as they were mini C-grade babies.

As we've been browsing for shots in the desktop, we managed to get a glimpse of a few shots of Baby Jessica. No, not Alba.

But Fatass's chubby niece! (*Pinch Cheeks*)

Jessica would have been loving these cuppies if she's back here since Fatass's nieces crave for loads of heavy cream and chocolates. This might be a healthy cupcake as there's slices of strawberries and yummy toasted chocolate coconut as its decor. A batch of Strawberry And Toasted Choco Coconut With Ganache Cupcakes.

The base was the usual moist which had been our favorite cuppy of all; devil's food! The frosting was obvious; chocolate ganache.

After topping each mini cuppies with one fifth of the strawberry slice, we spare some space for the toasted choco coconut.

The coconut was basically dessicated coconut mixed with dark cooking chocolate. After mixing, the toasting ceremony begins. The final outcome looked burnt though.

Anyway, it smells pretty edible to us. Let's chow down the whole thing - for good! (*Smiles*)