Monday, July 9, 2007

Smarties And Cupcakes

Words can hardly describe things. For a better point of view etcetera, images sounded great. As lazy as I have appeared to be, no doubt that I'll be posting more images than laying my exhausted paws on the keyboard. Oh doggy...

I find these babies quite cute as they were just small enough for us; Smarties Vanilla Cupcakes!!

The cupcakes were adapted from Magnolia's. We love Magnolia's as it was moist and vanilla-ish.

We used vegan's whipped up vanilla buttercream as its frosting.

And last, but importantly, the M&M smarties!

One of the creation from the helpers. M&M's were fun to have.

Due to the shortages of M&M, we reduced the amount from 6 to 1 M&M. Cheapo us. (*Dog Cum Monkey Faced*)