Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Counting Off More Belated Series

Honestly speaking, we've been dying to upload the long winded posts which we had no doubt that it had been long gone; infested with algae and loads of baby golden mushrooms. (*Drools*)

The first to go was none the other than this! A buttday cake for Yinyee. Almond and Chocolate Mousse Cake. The sponges were nicely brushed with the almond cum syrup. Almond liquer which is amaretto were mixed with a handful of sugar, which later form into a thick syrup. The cream was partially whipping cream, grounded almonds and cooking chocolate.

The garnishes; top and sides, were both covered with chocolate too.

As it's bringing on the 'almond' theme, the sides were garnished with a lil grounded almonds.

Last but not least, the cute minty leave gets to sit on the top as one part of the decor! Enough said; we shall lay low and bark aloud; Happy belated buttday, Yinyee!

Oh doggy, the letterings were disastrous... But at least, we managed to pipe out the letterings in an hour! BOL...