Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hailing Over Rufus's Haircut

Fatty Rufus got over with it. He loves his new fur-cut aka haircut! Thanks to the humidity of the environment he's living now. A white furry furball no more. (*Devilish Grin*)

Look at him. He appeared to be panting like a mad dog; Crash Bandicoot. The best alternative yet; shave the whole coat off. (*Grin*)

Fatass brought us to the petshop; where I'll be browsing through to get my beef sticks while Rufus would be on the table top, shaving his furry hairy scary white fur.

Pity as he seemed to be, I was on the other corner laughing out loud.

While waiting, we have a tea break right on the spot. Fatass brought over some C-gradies; Chocolate and Rum cum Raisins Muffins.

The muffin cups were the cutest package ever as we usually use plain and dull cups. For a change, muffin's paper cups were used instead of white paper cups.

The shape turned out to be well structured and cute as well.

After his makeover, he do looked like a genuine species of a mini schnauzer; a grandfather lookalike!

Frown baby, frown! BOL...