Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hamstering Around

Hamsters are way too adorable to be dealt with. Speaking of which, dwarf hamsters were the cutest rodents which can be kept as domestic partners.

It'll bite, squeak and even bring you goodies whenever you're feeling dead hungry. To you humans out there, it's just the same old term which is equivalent to domesticated animals. We've been wandering to the pet shop most of the time; just to load the redundant dog pellets at home. Yes, what a meaty workload we have here. As lame as Fatass Mich can be, she got over her boredom by flashing her cheap ol handy cam phone to the lil cheesy cum skinny rodents.

Okay, my bad. This is not skinny, but fat enough to be paired up with Fatassy. BOL.

I'll be sitting in the near end corner while happily munching on a double chocolate walnut brownie, which turns out to be very chocolatey BUT dry to my liking, the grungy cam phone will work out its life battery.

Looked good, but the outcome was hmm... Tasted similarly like a choc cake though. No thumbs up!

The cam flashes its light to its fullest, making the shots uber blur. Low quality; to be exact and honest.

Some hamsties were sleeping soundly. Oh piggy...

Some were nibbling seeds.

And others were busy grooming themselves.

Some were vainly posing for the grungy cam phone.

While some others were touching and smelling one another physically and spiritually. Play safe, babies. (*Grin*)

While this one is the gayest hamstie I've gotten through the net. Humping over a real mouse. Static? Click here. (*Double Click*)