Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Under 666

It was pa's buttday. Was, thanks to us, as I'm typing with my furry manicured paws over here, today's June 9. Pardon me, although it's posted under the date of 6/6, which is pa's big day (Pa was a full-formed baby on the 6th of June 19*6, thus, the post was titled "666"). Being a professional procrastinator cum cheater, I can swear upon godogod that we've sucessfully baked three C-grade babies just for pa's big day in a day.

Huge achievement here, cause Fatass's ass hardly moves when it comes to bulk baking. The presentation was hmm. Judge them for yourself. (*Smiles*)

The first; the most time-consuming yummies of all as it needed 2 hours to be fully baked; Walnut Fruit Cake, which is pa's all time favourite. We managed to follow the recipe book, hence, we turned down the offer from the cake mix dog-supplier. (*Smiles Proudly*)

It was easy but peeling and chopping off the lemon zest and orange zest was quite bothersome. Peels flew everywhere. The workload was affordable as the outcome turned out to be good. (*Smiles Shyly*)

Pa brought the whole cake to his 3-day vacation, at least he showed some appreciation. And compliment. (*Ahem*)

Second C-grade baby which pa and ma loved very much compared to pa's real birthday cake was Chocolate and Almond Cheese Tart. It was not baked in the oven. Chilled in the refrigerator for half a day, and voila! Cheese tarts!

Made out of scratch as we had only a package of cream cheese (250g) and whipping cream left in the refrigerator. The crust was made out of Jack & Jill's vanilla cream bix and melted butter.

Kids love the vanilla aroma unleashed by the bix and none the other, the toppings; chocolate and almond chunks!

The third and the last baby to date, a healthy Kiwi Torte. Pa keep telling us that Kiwi won't do good. In terms of the taste. "The sourness of the Kiwi will overpower the whole cake". And he was right! We came over a brilliant idea which was not really that brilliant either; that is to brush the slices of kiwis with apricot glaze boiled with caster sugar. The day was saved by the very intelligent macho superhero; me, Mcwhisky the superdogdamn sexy poochie.

We went Kiwi mania over this cake. Everything's Kiwi. Ranging from the cake/torte itself to its layering-cream and toppings! Reminds me of Kahwye! ='(

The torte was sliced into 3 layers, and each layer was topped with kiwi cream. After assembling, the whole torte was frosted with vanilla whipped cream with a dash of sweetness added to it. Toppings; freshly sliced kiwi and apricot glaze. Finished off with other details such as whipped cream on the sides and the side of the base. Hmm, not quite to the end of the story yet. The torte doesn't look appetizing enough! After killing a baby peppermint which now I had regretted doing it, it looked more mouth-watering. Way to go, PEPPERMINT! Taste wise, super kiwilicious and vanillaish! What a term...

Fresh DIY planted greeneries are great to have, as it is so convenient and lively when it is used to be a part of the decoration for the baked products. We had loads of plants and greens in the house and out of the house, let's just say we lived in the corner lot which was partially surrounded by big plants. Pandan Leaves; checked! Aloe Vera; checked! Pineapple plant; checked! Their leaves can be hardly eaten raw, and speaking of edible green decor? No way. You don't want to have a huge three layers cake nicely iced with whipped cream with baby aloe veras spiking out of the sides nor pandan leaves nicely decorated out of nowhere. So, we browse through the marts and plant stores. Ahh... Peppermint leaves! We're now a big fan of these leaves, we even planted them in our kennels. (*Winks*)

Oh yeah, forget the most important part; a dedication to Pa, wishing you a great Happy Buttday!