Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Part 3 : A Beefstick A Day Keeps The Dog At Bay

Here comes the third part, third of the four parts. The cutest, I guess. (*Vomits*)

is a baby vainpot. Genes, the non-biological mother, Fatass Michelle is one real purified vainpot too. Vainpots! As long as one vainpot looks good and cun, then, the callings does not matter anymore. It matters to Fatass, but it does not affect the baby vainpot at all.

He knows, he knows. People were impressed for his chubby waistline, rectangular face and bubbly personality.
Good pictures although they were all made up naturally. For bigger viewing, go to Fatass's Deviantart.

See the eyes. Captivated by his black sultry doggy eyes. I am.

Brought home Nutella's Chocolate And Hazelnut Spread for the ease of frosting conveniences. Baked vanilla cupcakes, that's the easiest and moistest one I ever baked. For safety precautions, it's better that I stick with this vanilla cuppies. The outcome?

Nutella Hazelnut And Chocolate Cupcakes

The spread was glossy. As glossy as hmm... I don't know. (*Frowns*)

I still love the spread though! Finished off with chips!