Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feasting At Madam Kwan's

We have been putting on pounds and inches, rounder and wider, basically from the waistline to the cute asses we have. Fatass got even more fatty issues here. Of all Nasi Lemak we have try out, I do think that Madam Kwan's had the best good looking nasi lemak we've seen. Tasted Lemongrass Cafe's, which is famous for their own Nasi Lemak dish, well, I must say it's one dogdamn tasty 'fatty rice' I've eaten. Back to Madam Kwan's.

Taste wise, I would give more points to Lemongrass's, but presentation wise, Madam's on it!

Quite pricey for an old haggard pup like me, but you can't really resist the temptation once you see the overall dishes they offered in there. (*Drools*)

Famous for its Nasi Bojari, which consists of a huge fried chicken drumstick, beef rendang and assam prawns (basically, it's sort of sweet, sour and spicy), it's a no-no for not forking out RM19.90 just to grab a bite out of it.

Colourful and addictive. Our tastebuds were all activated once we sink our sharp doggy teeth into the assam prawns! Ohh Bojari my love.

However, the RM13.80 Nasi Lemak was not as tasty as we've expected. But hey, Nasi Bojari really hits the nail. So, we don't really care much if the other Nasi's were not that tasty. At least the main one was! Like most Nasi Lemak used to have, rice cooked with coconut milk, curry chicken, hard boiled egg, anchovies and killer sambal.

Upon finishing the main dishes, we got ourselves fishies too. It's none the other, Otak-Otak, grilled fish paste with spicy seasoning all wrapped up with banana leaves at RM16.30. Good one indeed although I do not like fishies at all! Bow wow.

For desserts, we had the icy cool Ice Campur
at RM6.30.

One is so not enough. We sinked our teeth into the scrumptious Sago Gula Melaka. The Gula Melaka syrup was the most yummy part of all.

For RM5.30, it's worth
the price cause I'd simply love Gula Melaka! Yes, what a lame excuse.

To end the whole meal, Fatass ordered Cendol. A RM5.60 cendol. She bitched around, barking loudly and publicly that the mamak had it cheaper. So? Cheapo la. We're having it once in a while, not everyday okay?! (*Sweats*)

Madam Kwan's can be found in other locations in Midvalley Megamall,Bangsar and KLCC. As for the one we dined in which is in KLCC; it is located in Lot 420/421, Level 4, Suria KLCC, KL City Centre, 50088, Kuala Lumpur. For more info about Madam Kwan's; 603 2026 2297. Ciaos.