Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Part 2 : A Beefstick A Day Keeps The Dog At Bay

Howdie doggies! A very grand and warm greetings barked. Since Boobie had taken his pride on the previous post; titled Part 1 : A Beefstick A Day Keeps The Dog At Bay, we will now proceed to the other old bird of the kennel, which is our best female hottie; Missy!

She was the easiest bitch to be handled although her left eye was not in a good condition since the first day we got her.

It had been years. Let's make it 15 years. Or maybe 14. She's old, yet, we love her for her great obliging attitude.

I know that she won't be here for long. How I wish that good poochies will last forever, in terms of life expectancy; eternity! She looked old and gray.

In reality, she's old but young at heart. She still have the hot body she used to have! Okay, frail a little. Just a bit. Her hind legs were weak and she can't really walk far.

Anyway, speaking of her shootings, the outcome was superb.

Great colors and shots of her after some color alteration and a bit of filteration.

The best one indeed! We love you, Miss Missy. Yes, she's still a virgin. Thanks to Fatass! (*Whines*)

Moving on, we've got some freshly baked fruit cake mix in our refrigerator. It was easy as D-O-G! Dump a huge cube of butter, eggs, fruit mix i.e dried green and red cherries, lemon peel, generous handful of sultanas and raisins - Voila! A loaf of fruit cake batter.

Baked in an hour time though it's only one tin loaf! Time consuming but what to do? Dad loves Fruit Cakes, so Fatass bought a cake mix for Ma.

And Ma did her thing! (*Smiles*)