Saturday, May 19, 2007

Khapkunka Pa & Ma

They were there, just on the right time, though they said they went to Kedah for some sort of wedding dinner. Pa and ma told us nothing about it, and later, they came home with loads of dog's supplies. Oh dog, if Fatass Mich and I knew you guys were having doubts whether to cross the border, to Siam land, we will insist to come around with you. Oh bother. We missed the fun part. Oh dog damn it. Luckily, smart pa remembers to tag along with his camera. Cropped the shots a little, did not manage to do a better editing and photoshopping. Neither does Fatass knows anything about it. You can get many beautiful filled with multi colors of shots in Thailand. Pretty shots, just anywhere!

As I've heard Fatass's parents said a few words after they've got back to the house, I do really love Thailand. Though Fatass have wandered along the roads of Siam land, she have not even bought one goodie for me. Ain't she makes a wonderful servant?! Pa and Ma were dogdamn weary and tired due to the rush for their worthy rapid trip. To me, it's quite worthwhile after all those early wake-up calls and badly burnt skin. Yes, we've been told that it's scorching hot in Thailand. Take note, not the sizzling hot Thai chicks, but the weather which strikes to 38 degree Celcius.

Apparently, the Siam land is much famous for its hot Thai chicks, cheap wood crafted goods, cheap junk foods, clubs and bars.

Last but not least, which we male doggies love, showgirls, which got me thinking that boys can be very beautiful.

Generally, both of us love the cheap shopping routine over there. Not in the main capital, but elsewhere.
To name a few, the floating market, where variety of fruits were sold at cheap prices too.

I love the people and the language, KAPKAPKAP. Cute naka! (*Smiles*)

Like they say, shop till you drop, drop as in, drop out from the boat. Cause things such as fake tortes sold along the riverside were really affordable and the prices offered were reasonable as well.

ing of being a bargain hunter, you can train your skills here before planning to fly off to Hong Kong's yearly sales. Moving on to more colorful shots, we have uploaded just a few though. Pa and ma wanted privacy, that's what I thought when they got horrified after having a glance at their pictures in the PC screen. They wandered a few fun parks. Some of the parks do have wild animals wandering around, while some others don't.

We found these two animals looked as hot as me, the doggy the Whisky.

Hence, they get some credit for being good posers. Moving on to another park, I supposed!

Aha! This must be Dreamworld!

Very nice views we have here.

Love Garden.

Love Garden.

Love Garden. Enough said. (*Smiles*)

Iceworld? We were still wondering whether this place is a part of Dreamworld. If you ask us which Iceworld is better, I would say this one is much more better than the one in Genting Highlands. Come on, furry polar bears and a few cute and plump snowmen! What's not to love? Hmm, let us enclose some P&C shots over here... From the shots we've gotten from the memory card, it's no doubt that this place have loads of fun in it! 3 reasons to visit this place; Dreamworld.


This is the place you would love hanging around if you love to see naked old man, showering himself in a bathtub. Yes, Fatass Michelle is nodding her head a few times. Bear with it.


This is the place you would love hanging around if you had once dream of yam cha-ing while arm wrestling with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


This is the place you would love hanging around if you had once dream of being a superhero, bombarding the latest glitzy superhero, Spiderman. Cute naka, like most Thai's love to say. Moving on to cheap human junk foods, Fatass Michelle and I agreed that it's not an argumentative question if you asked us whether Malaysia's junk food or Thai's are cheaper. See for yourself...

Butter cookie just for 10 Bath, which will be approximately RM1 for one big pack!

Same goes to these Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Medium-pack wafers for RM1.20 each.

Glico's cookies for RM2!

And for now, chocolates! Ma told us that she bought these chocs just for the sake of the words above, which was so convincing! Tempted! Ending up most of the chocs were used for her muffin's toppings. (*Heartache*)

Hershey's nuggets, for RM2.10 each.

Glico's Macadamia coated with Choc for RM4.90. Bigger packaging though...

Another Glico's product, which was also sold at RM4.90.

Aha! Truffles!!! Just for RM3!! It's not only junk foods and chocs! Other doggy stuff were as cheap as hell too!

Switching to doggy's junk food now, I must say that these babies are as good as the real stuffs.
The only thing that differs is the price! Pedigree's Springo just for RM2 per pack! It's a snatch man! (*Drools*)

My RM2.70 big bone!!! Super duper huge, approx +/-25cm! (*Drooooooools*)

The artificial rolled up smoked bacon was the fuyoo-est beef sticks I have ever had in my whole entire doggie life. I crave for this more than the others! RM4.60 for one month's supply. Now, this is cheap! A beefstick a day keeps the monster away.

6 Flouride Bones. Let me do the maths, it's RM0.21 each! What the doggy! (*Floating In The Air*)

Colorful beefsticks which I loved so much! A pack for RM1.20.

Single colored was sold for RM1.30! Flourided, that is why it was sold at RM1.30 instead of RM1.20.

Same goes to the red one. RM1.30 per pack. Well, that is why I had to say that it's a worthwhile trip although there had been severe burnts that you might be getting if you travel under the blazing sun in Siam land. For the next trip, I'll bring along an empty luggage just to buy these beefsticks over.

As for now, I would like to thank Pa and Ma, for getting these beefsticks for me. Khapkunka! (*Barks Happily*). So long for now! Sawatdee!