Monday, May 14, 2007

Gramp's Loving It

Surprising as it sounds, of all the C-grade babies Fatass Michelle and I have baked, Gramps love this as much as mum do. No... Not this gramps...

We're referring to a real gramps...
Not a breakthrough, but this is something good that we should celebrate. Thinking of no more food poisoning and as hard as a rock cakeys and cookies, we, indeed should celebrate a little. Just a little.

Grabbing a high calorie cheesecake tartlets from a bakery stall located somewhere in Taman Muda's night market, Friday's night market!

Yes, that's what we call for a tiny weeny celebration. (*Gulps, that would be more than 200calories*). The elderly loves foods or desserts which are in the softer texture. That's what most of them use to say.

No wonder, mum and gramps love these mini Hup Tou Sou...

These babies were crumbly and most of all, the saltiness of these babies stands out. That's what Hup Tou Sou taste like, right?

Baked in a few batches, egg washed once, because twice is a lot of work.

Fatass Michelle is too HEAVY to do that. She'll make the Hup Tou Sou tasted more like a dried salted fish by then. (*Devilish Grin*). Enough barking about Fatass consuming too much calories, there'll be post-ups of mama's day celebrations soon. Now this is a real call for celebrations!