Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ivy's 20th Buttday

It had been a real surreal disaster we have been through this few weeks. After some PC check up, the technician said the graphic card wasn't working well. Before this was about to be revealed, we had been having problems with the power supply. Changed twice, bark thank yous to the itchy hands. And now what? The router failed to operate as well, leading to various repercussions. One obvious example, the internet connection was gone, in the blink of an eye, after a loud thud made out by the huge thunder storm. Okay, just assume that it was a mere lightning. Very complex, to us. As I've been checking back on my long lost, untouched mails, I'd realize that it has been weeks since I've updated something in this doggy blog. Unblogged photos and clean shots were scattered everywhere.

Something has to be d
one! As starters, I'll be speaking on behalf of my big ol family, wishing IVY happy belated buttday.

Do the math, 29th of April, and as I'm typing this, it's already the 10th of May. Oh well. Blame god for blasting out the furious thunder. (*Devilish Grin*)

There it was, the C-grade cupcakes which we've gotten for Ivy. As for the cupcakes, it tasted rather bland, out of vanilla extract.

But boy, we were dogdamn gay as this is the first moulding sessions we had. The alphas were not too bad. No cracks! And the pieces of colorful shaped up fondant were pretty as well.

These were bought from the bakery mart. Outcome? 4 words; happy happy joy joy.
And here's the part where we need to elaborate clearly; Rufus and I took part in the cupcake presentation too...

Helpers said I looked more like a rat covered in dirt than a usual Silky is. And Rufus, a white mice that would be use in most labs for various experiments.

onna sharpen up these skills in 10 years time. Loads to be done, ranging from the baby cupcakes to moulded fondants. (*Grin*). Apologise for late post-ups. And once again, happy belated buttday Ivy. Enjoy and live life to its fullest. Huggies!!!