Monday, May 14, 2007

The Celebration Of Mother's Day 2007

As most of the bloggers have already been blogging about this issue, I'll be the next one to blog about it as well. Mother's day, a very grand day for mummies. Mummy. Mums. That's the day where children like Fatass Michelle please their mummy by offering them good old gifts. On that particular day, the thirteenth of May, we've been real glutton. 3 cakes in a day. It's a no-no for not trying out those cakes. Tiramisu, Chocolate Cheesecake and Fatass's C-grade Espresso Cake.

Whipped up a bowl of ganache cream and covered the whole dome look-alike cake with dark chocolate shavings. Royal icing were used for the writings. Worst writing ever! Sigh... Bet that Fatass Mich is feeling a little thick right now. Speaking of gifts, the kids have been financially tight these days. To be more accurate, that should be Fatass, the one and only. Forget about the gifts. Simple scrumptious dinner will do just enough for mumsy, the not-so-fussy woman.

Thai Sabye Sabye was the place to be chosen as our dine-out restaurant. More reviews and info here, blogged by Steven, and photographed nicely by him; Thai Sabye Sabye Restaurant...

As starters, we were served with a plate of Fish Crackers and a few slices of Dried Mangoes. Mainly Thai's fav snacks.

Take a sip, that's how we do it... Jokes aside, it's served for dipping causes. Spices up your appetite.

Appetizer; Seafood Tom Yam soup.

We labeled it as Chinese cooking if you ask us.

More veg's... This is more like it. Water Spinach with Belacan.

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Mixed Veg's.

Omelette with real generous crab meats. Yummy.

Now, this is Thaimania... Super Spicy Curry Squids. This is definitely a keeper, because the marinated squids were tenderized right before it falls right onto the frying pan.

Here comes the best part, real solid and ideal dishes, just right for doggies like me. Fried Mango Chicken. Delish!

Moving on, another keeper, Hot Plate Sizzling Beef. What was the exact name?? (*Shrugs*)

This is the cutest of all. Pandan Chicken. Chicken meat, wrapped up with pandan leaves.

Opens up, Tadaa... More like a smoked up chicken meat. Smokey... To round it up, one of the largely grown fruit in Thailand made its appearance. Huge juicy mangoes. Just right.

After viewing Steven's dying blog, I must say that the shots he took was pretty fine, well focused! Speaking of the word FOCUS, mine was rather dull and unfocused... Oh bother. (*Smiles*)