Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Broken Pieces

It's been another busy and hectic week for both of us. Fatass Michelle have been getting on my nerves, blames me for breaking up her years old puzzle. In a doggy point of view, I did what I should do. Rubber ducky was threw to one end, the shabby corner where she kept her artificial frame holder and the arranged puzzles. I ran hurriedly to get the ducky's ass. That is where all fun things come to an end. KABAAM!

Pieces of puzzles were scattered everywhere. Lessons? Adhere with sticky tape or glue before placing the puzzles to the cardboard. (*Shrugs*)

While Fatass had been searching for sticky tapes, I was lying down on my favourite yellow mat, crunching at Fatass's Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookie.

Made out from scratch. Thanks to the leftovers we had in the refrigerator.

As for the puzzles, it was glued properly onto a hard cardboard and was sent away. Not to the garbage bin, but to the frame shop.

RM60 bucks for that piece of crap. Geez. It's an official day where both of us will announce bankruptcy. Yes, today. (*Sulks Lamely*)