Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cuss For Custard

It was a felicitous sight to see Fatass Mich hiding in the kitchen; experiencing her custards and tartlets yesterday night. To be more precise, experiencing means eating. More like bingeing though. She kept tasting each and every piece of it to see what's wrong with them. Somehow, her clueless expression reminds me of Porky; a glutton fatass pig.

Whisky : Hey Mich, can you switch on the PC for me?
Fatass Mich : Give me ten minutes. (*winks*)
Whisky : Ermmm, what's that?? (*drooling*)
Fatass Mich : What's what?
Whisky : That one! The some-sort-of-bread-with-yellow-fillings thingie.

Fatass Mich : Custard muffins and erm... Custard tarts. You seem to be interested in these custard muffins and tarts. Anyway, I didn't save any for you. (*grabbing another piece while chewing one*)
Whisky : Oh-okay. I knew it. You know; I'm allergy to homemade foods. Especially yours.
Fatass Mich : Oh. Yea, that is why I didn't save any for you. (*grabbing another piece again*)
Whisky : Ohh-okay. (*gulp*)

Fatass Mich : Oh dog! I'll be gaining more weight if this bingeing-lifestyle of mine doesn't stop! (*licking her fingers*)

Whisky : And that is why I am here now, that is to help you, owner! I will sacrifice myself just to help you, Porky.
Fatass Mich : I AM the one who sacrifice for you cus you've just told me that you're allergic to these muffins and tarts. (*grabbing the custard muffin*)
Whisky : Oh yea, Rufus and I are now best friends.
Fatass Mich : Oh, that's great... (*chewing*)
Whisky : Yea, and I let him out of his kennel just now. He barked that he wanted to venture into KL city. He said he will be coming home soon, on one condition; if he's not lost. So, as a best friend of his, I let him out. (*smiled*)
Fatass Mich : WHAT?!! He's a baby. How can you believe what a pup says? RUFUS~ (*rush to her car*)

That is how I manage to grab a bite of the mini custard muffins and custard tarts. BOL. While chewing my mini muffins, I saw 2 containers which contain more muffins and tarts. It was arranged in an artful way. Not very artful but at least, it looks like a-a-a... A dog's paw-print! And I guess that's for Rufus and-and me... (*touched*)

Fatass Mich : What the dog?! You lied! (*panting*)
Whisky : Okay-okay. I'm sorry. That dumb albino pup is still in his kennel! (*swallowed what he's chewing*)
Fatass Mich : NOOO!!! I thought you say you're allergic to home-made foods; especially mine. (*grin*)
Whisky : Erm.... Custard's an exception. Oooo, custardsssss~ (*drooling*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux