Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rachel Koh's 19th Buttday

Like I've used to say; I should have posted this paw-prints-post on the day it supposed to be. It was Rachel Koh's buttday. I assume that it was a Chihuahua's buttday. I do not know why. Hate me, swear me or cast some quick-mix voodoo spells on me. To me, she does really resembles a fawn Chihuahua. Chic-huahua or Chihuahua; it's always Rachel Koh. Ask anyone... "What dog breed would Rachel Koh be?" I can assure you that 90% of them will be saying; "A Chihuahua!" Skinny (Rach's loving it! She thinks that being skinny has many advantages. I say; YES and NO...), tiny, fair, very friendly and chatty. Yes, a typical fawn Chihuahua we have over here. Yea, I'm harsh! But hey, a Chihuahua is adorable, don't you think so??

A cuteyyy. Okay, cut the crap. So, Fatass Mich have been transferring images from her rusty cam-phone to the PC the past few weeks due to lack of memory. I manage to see some vain cam-whoring pix. Correct me! Whole lots of them. Browsing through the folder; named as "Vainest", I saw a few shots of Rachel Koh's blur but superbly interesting pictures. Come to think of it, it was hilarious to see the resemblance of a Chihuahua wearing a pair of socks with Chihuahuas-designs on it. Hit me! It was funny, but very cute indeed(*devilish grin*).

She does know how to pose well. Elegantly posed (*winks*). Ask Servante' De Molly for further details if you're interested in this Chic-huahua right here (*smiled*).

Hmm, she was cute though. People love her, no doubt! No wonder she has loads of admirers. Dozens and perhaps, it may be hundreds of them! Hmm... (*staring at Fatass Mich sarcastically*). Get over it Fatass Mich! BOL (Bark Out Loud).

Okay, let's get this straight to the point. A fawn Chihuahua was born on the 3rd of November 1987. Just kidding. I was saying "Rachel Koh". So, it was her 19th birthday this year. It's 22nd of November today. Well, Fatass Mich and Molly wanted to wish Rachel Koh a happy belated birthday through my paw-prints-post. I thought there was a dinner or something for her but there's only a home-made card was given to her (*disappointed*). Bad organizer. Yes, I'm refering to Fatass Mich.

To end this paw-prints-post nicely, I think it's time for me to shout out loud about this; Happy Belated Buttday, Chihuahua. Oopsie. What I was trying to say was Rachel Koh... (*smiled sheepishly*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux