Saturday, November 18, 2006

All About Truth

Fatass Mich: Here's a game specially created for low IQ dogs like you. I'll give you a beef-stick if you can get the answers right. Each phrase you bark from now on must consists at least one word that is related to the word 'true'; i.e true/truer/truth... Gimme 20 of it...
Whisky: True, truth, truer, truly, truthful...
Fatass Mich : Heheh.. That's why I love you the most, cus you're the lamest pet I've ever had!
Whisky : Hey, it's just warm-up. Don't be so mean!

Fatass Mich : So, tell me...
Whisky : Since you are unoccupied these days, it'll be fine if I blog day and night non-stop; blogging about the true-life of me and my servants. True stories and happenings about you and me! Okay, cut the untrue crap! No true happenings of you what-so-ever anyway! So fyi, I'm going to blog about this 'truth-game'. That paw-prints-post will be titled "All About Truth". I'm truly grateful to came across with a stack of stickers last night. Not to forget that I'm also truly thankful to get these free 'truth' stickers, sponsored by The Truth About Anyway, it's just a piece of collective stickers with the word 'true' printed on it; for foc. This is true since I'm one truthful doggie. With these 'truth' stickers, implications of the truth about being Fatass Michelle's pet would be much more easier. The truth does matter! And it's truer than the truth itself. So, here I am now, revealing the doggie-truth... (*drum rolls*)
Fatass Mich : Are you suffering from Alzheimer's disease?
Whisky :
Hehheh... (*cheeky smile*)
Fatass Mich : Don't give me that smile. I don't buy that. As I've expected, you have a balanced standard of EQ but a very low IQ. It's only 19 of them... Poor you... (*devilish grin*)
Whisky : Hmm, you're so right, my untrustworthy servant (*interpreting Einstein's expression*)
Fatass Mich : Darn!

Truth rocks! Like what Robertson Davies used to say; the love of truth lies at the root of much humor. Happy reading. (*winks*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux