Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snacking On Heroes

Everyone's a fan of this series. HEROES. Well, not everyone. But at the very least, we are one! Fatass Michelle and I have been watching it since the day where it has officially aired on Starworld. Anticipation which ended up pretty uncool.

After a few episodes, Fatass was so glad that she stumbled upon soaps-dramas. Not feeling glad about the news that more heroes will be revealed though. Very soapy series we were watching the last few months, until now. Yes, we subsituted Heroes for this soap drama. Bold And Beautiful was not too bad, but FASHION HOUSE tops! Loaded with gorgeous, sexy people, colorful pieces of artworks and pretty dainty dresses to be seen, superb skyline views, and more importantly, cheesy script lines. Bark to us, what's not to like?

Briefly, the soap's about the behind the scenes of the real fashion world. Dramatic elements with bitchiness, greed, fame and lust for power, portrayed well by Morgan Fairchild, Bo Derek and the very gorgeous Joel Berti, we must say, it's worth spending hours just to watch them. The lust for Heroes was soon gone.

As time goes, more humans who were not special, power-less and hero-less are taking this series very seriously. Seriously, as in, they were so anticipated about the next epi's, rather to watch their new obsession series than EPL's. Mind me, for exaggerating. "What was all the hype about?" That was an implicit question, which we already had it answered; after we watched the re-runs of Heroes.

There are re-runs, but we choose to stick with the dvd's with a portable dvd player, where we can take a sip of something and grab a bite out of the other while lazing on the bed. I'll leave the latter to you; a sip or a bite. We have chosen bites, exercising our gums since I ran out of beef-sticks.

While I'm continuing watching the Heroes series, Fatass will be making her C-grade babies, mini pizzas which is as easy as D-O-G.

While Fatass's mommy will be baking me a bigger pizza to snack on.

Snacks and Heroes. Voila!