Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Mini Cupcakes Craze Started?

Cupcakes are generally fun and easy to be baked. If we compare them with other C-grade babies that is real huge 20 inch plus cakes which consume loads of baking time and not-spoon-bake cookies. So, Fatass Michelle and I put in more effort, taking on the C-grade challenge. Baking regular cupcakes with sweet chocolate icing. Buttercream was not our flavor during that cupcake challenge week, as we thought that buttercream was hard to be whipped up, and the sweetness was just too much. But anyway, we got into Vegan's buttercream, after getting too much of Magnolia's, which was too sweet for us both. Last week, we got ourselves some homemade cupcakes. It was too sweet. Really sweet. Well, during that particular week, we do know how DIABETES were spelt. Fatass Michelle and I promised Fat Rufus that we will cut down the content of the icing we used in the frosting. And hear me not, I said, BUTTercream's a better choice. Although both calories content were quite the same. Yes, very high!

Besides, the fun part of making the cupcakes is decorating them. Frosting, icing and toppings. Whatever. Will do. Toppings, ranging from dessicated coconut, coconut flakes, toasted nuts, chopped white chocs or dark chocs, decorated chocs, fruits glazed with apricot glaze, caramel nibs. Boy, there were loads of them.

Writings. Alphas. Cute drawings. The tinier, the merrier. Tell me, it's not as fun as we thought. I'll twist my own doggie ears if I lie. Shockingly syiok. The bigger the cupcake, there will be loads of fun in them. You even can write poems and poetry on them, with creams and icings of course. Write a diary, love letters... Exaggerated overly. Ivy gave us her point of view on pretty cupcakes. And she was brainy. Right, very true on what she had told us the past few weeks, saying that mini cupcakes are superbly cute. Not regulars.

We agreed. Soon, Fatass and I got ourselves mini pans.

Last but not least, smaller casings. Kudos to Vy!