Wednesday, April 11, 2007

March Roundup; Gayest Ever

A very hectic month if you ask me. Marching forward, for March roundup!

I was drafting out plans with my sharp black nails, a topic on mango desserts. Muffins, cakes, cookies. Anything which is edible. As long as it can be baked in an oven and can be eaten by doggies. While on the other hand, Fatass was dragged to slim down her fat ass. Not by
working out, but by working in a place where humans would go to work. What an explanation. Thinking aback, it's like killing two birds with one stone. First and foremost, she can get a flatter ass. Secondly, she can settle her bills which she had been owing for months; expenses. My expenses, money for buying ingredients, cookie trays, moulds etc. Let me elaborate the whole.

For a bigger picture, those are the snapshots of the place of work. Furniture. And pieces of accessorise.

More urban and futuristic furniture.

Specifically, boredom may lead to excessive scribbling. Table, an info counter's table, which we were paired up for the day, where Fatass will be working her fatass off.
Briefly, it was an event under MIFF. Anyone who wanted to get their butts in, a payment-fee is needed, where a tag is given; and name will be written on it. Inclusive staffs, workers and Fatass Michelle. Fatass's tag...

What the dog?! Like the old adage goes, "Dogs are man's best friend". Very true indeed. (*Sulked*).

Anyway, there were a bunch of warm and friendly staffs. So, Fatass and I enjoyed the whole working days.

Gayest month ever! It was hell loads of fun - with the staffs. No other. Back to my baking series, after getting her pay and settled her bills, I take on the mango challenge... BOL. Muffins will do! Easy as D-O-G. No kneading or what-so-ever. That'll be fast.

I came acrossed cashewnuts, may they go together. Presenting the baby number one, mango and cashewnut muffins...

Cashewnuts and mangoes. That would probably do.

It's not really mango-ish, as the aroma of the mangoes can be hardly smelt. (*sniff sniff*)

But, mango cubes can be seen. It was very moist after some time. Anyway, not a keeper. But that's what you get when you're looking at a C-grade muffin. (*Devilish Grin*). We've made baby number two too! As we were all not satisfied with the muffin. For snacking purpose, I've made pastries filled with lotus paste...

The best part was not the kneading part. Egg-washing was the best part! Once egg-washed, it'll turned out golden yellow. Thanks a million, to the yolks, of course. It's otherwise when egg-washing was not incurred in the process.

Since we still had left-over of the green lotus paste, we used them. Till the last bits.

It was tiny, a mini one. And it had gone all to my stomach as many of them doesn't favour lotus paste. They still insist that the red bean was the best, best as in better than the green ones. Signing off. Ta's and will be right back in hours for the second version of March roundup. Keep watching and have fun reading! (*Doze off, doink*)