Saturday, January 6, 2007

No One Gives A Damn

So whattttttt? (*cockiness shown*)
Okay okay. That was not what I meant just now (*smiles*). Will be posting up paw-prints post of the Hong Kong and China trip thingie
very soon. 2 weeks from now?? Soon. VERY soon. Loads of foodies' pix though. It should be interesting. Should be, I guess. And yet, will be posting more paw-prints posts although I know I'm barking to myself over here (*sniffles*). Anyway, for some refreshments, ( if only you are interested in my pawblog ) here are some black and white fatasses' camwhore shots.

The one and only sketch of the albino fatass. (*winks*)

Based on this...

Holy fatasses. (*devilish grin*)

Alas, the last one! A fat albino pup waving goodbye.

I'm not in any of those snapshots though. My pix worth more than those two fatasses. So, don't ask. Yea, I'm resilient. But that doesn't mean that I'm still happy with it; Fatass Mich snapping photos of Rufus instead of me (*sniffles*). Oh yea, Fat Rufus do need a haircut. Since Fatass Mich is seldom at home nowadays due to some hectic and sucky shifts, I'll be good and will TRY to groom lil fatass for you (*winks*). And Fatass Mich, while you're out, I've been seriously injured by your precious lil fatass Rufus. Headbutts ( p/s: Rufus's head is huge for a typical Schnauzer. Told you! He's F-A-T! ). Smartass doing rounds and whispering something about fatasses. And all of a sudden, "doink". No. It's more like "dushheddd"!

Grr, time for revenge!

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux