Saturday, June 7, 2008


An Idea To Art
By R.L. Danner

As I walked my path through life
My body being my temple of ideas

I wanted to express myself, my own way

Walking into the shop that day
I found my expression waiting for me
Custom drawn just for me in black line art

I made my way into the studio in the back
My nerves dancing in my skin and mind

As I sat down in the chair I knew this was it
Forever in my skin it would lay

As the artist prepared the machines
I watched in awe of his precision and care

The time had come and that buzz and click began
My flesh was prepared to receive its gift
As the razor slid down my back I closed my eyes

It was time to lay the idea into my skin
With artist vision the hands and steel became one

Flowing over my back in defined motion
A picture became a living portrait of life
As the minutes passed I felt the ink be laid
Into my skin like a humming bird kisses a rose

When all was said and done I stood once more
This time to see my idea frozen in time

As a portrait of vision in my skin
Laid in brilliant color for the first time

Now I understand the meaning of a

Model: Arisa