Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Mohawked Alien

As we're typing this, we're kind of frustrated over Picasa Web Album for letting us down once more. We have been uploading the similar shot to this blog, over and over again. Sad to say, we uploaded the lost shots once more, but to no avail. We convinced ourselves, maybe it might be our PC; got laggy when the transference of uploading images were in the mid of the process. Or maybe, it's Streamxy. We googled and seek for advice. Aha! Knew that Picasa Web Album and Blogspot were the culprits. It's time for us to back-up the shots though; Photobucket, rather than jumping to another blog host, since we hardly can adapt to changes. That is the major reason why we are still advocating Barisan National until today. Passe', like most of the people might say. Doubt it, we say.

On the last month, we were put to good use. One of the assignment were almost due. And hence, camera tags along to snap a picture or two of the recent new wing of UCSI for the assignment. It was just a stone throw away from our home. Nevertheless, the car does tag along too, for the ease of not getting burnt by the scorching hot sun. It was HOT. And we can't really stand the weather though the AC were switched on to the maximum. We bet that not even our long-haired fuzzy, fluffy, curly Rufus can stand it too. Rufus were scratching all over, and red bumps and rashes can be seen when one snuggles him. Not even a second, plans of shaving his curly white fur has struck into our minds. From a long-haired fuzzy, fluffy, cute and chubby monster...

To this...

Mohawked Alien to date. That is only the back view. The side and the front full view was shocking. He looks pathetically weird with that cockatoo mohawk. Hairy; only on the head but bald on other sections. He does not look like a sheep nor the very protected wild life; polar bear, anymore. We were shocked too when we picked him up from the pet shop on the same afternoon.

Ma and the helpers were all stupefied by his new urbanite-look and appearance. They insisted that we shouldn't have the mohawk hairstyle on him because he's simply beautiful and adorable with that sheepy look of his. We couldn't even take our eyes off him. He looks completely different.

We were all in awe when he stared strangely back at us. He had encaptured the looks of an alien. Scary. But true. Molly tagged along and kept silence once the mohawk hairstyle on Rufus was shown to her. Spooky and it was uncanny to watch Rufus staring blankly in front of our sliding door - reflections can be seen. We felt so sorry for him for getting the mohawk haircut. Truly sorry... But boy, he was raised to fame for that day itself. Caregivers were being attentive to him, feeding him junks which we would crave for days. Love sums it all.

After sending Rufus home and letting him run freely within the house compound, we set off for our cupcaking session. We managed to get about 50 medium-sized and 30 minis of moist chocolate cupcakes. The first 18 piece which is in medium range were used for the devil's food cupcake with ganache topping and chopped salted pistachios. The extra cupcakes were mostly gone down into our hungry stomachs since those cupcakes were overflowed.

We were too lazy to get the raw pistachios from the grocery. Thus, one of our junk; the salted pistachio with the shells intact were put to good use. Peeling off the shell and blanching the rough skin off from the green pistachio kernels by bare hands and dry towels were painful. Painful to the hands.

The intention to toast the pistachios in the preheated oven were gone when we found out that we favored the very contra color that the green pistachio kernels gave to the devil's food cupcakes. The colors were just right - vibrant!

We whip up the chocolate ganache and buttercream for the extra cupcakes which were all scattered on the trays and table. When the chocolate ganache were too little to be spreaded onto the surface of the cupcakes, we frost the remaining reserved cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and drizzled them with the chocolate ganache leftover. The final task to be done before the d
evil's food cupcake with ganache topping and chopped salted pistachios were all set to queue up in line in the cupcake boxes was the sprinkling of the salted and chopped green kernels. They were given away as gifts; forgot who got them though, cause the day itself were busy - loads of cupcakes waiting to be frosted.

Then, the remaining unfrosted cupcakes were reserved for the special someone. People; the very friendly and lovable group of kids. The medium-sized cupcakes were divided into two boxes, with 16 chocolate cupcakes each. The first box of medium-sized cupcakes were frosted lightly with vanilla and strawberry flavored buttercream. Colorful sprinkles were sprinkled onto the cupcakes to finalize the whole batch of cupcakes.

The next box, which also contains 16 medium-sized cupcakes were the ones; frosted with strawberry buttercream and heart-shaped edible sugarpastes, and the other one was topped by a swirl of dark chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

The last 25 minis were given a simple swirl on its surface. Vanilla buttercream with colors infused just to get the theme right. The blue frosting were sprinkled lightly with purple crystallized sugar.
Once everything were done, we pack the cupcakes into the boxes. The 3 boxes were not stacked together as we were afraid that the turning of the car into another junction will probably, mostly leads to a batch of fallen cupcakes. So, off we go, we got back into our vehicle and set off to the children's shelter. The kids over there were extremely polite and friendly in person. Greetings and hand-shakes were given; by the kids. They were all tiny tots, cute lil fellows with very good manners. Speaking of the existence of ethics. There's this kid with a charming and evil grin, with his bandaged and injured hand, speak to us in a boyish mannerism of his, "Hai kakakssssssssssss..." which means "Hi sis....." It melts our heart though. It does.

The lil fellow was so sweet, with his cheeky and at the same time, his charming grin imprinted on his lips. We had a fun-filled time on the day itself; rushing for cupcakes, delivering cupcakes to the tiny tots to savor on, and last but not least, demanding a new mohawk haircut for Rufus the alien-looking pooch. We do still love you poor poochie.