Friday, December 21, 2007

The Baking Month

It's been weeks since the last time we've updated our blog. We've been spending loads of our time, trying fattening baked goods and putting more pounds than usual. The horrifying outcome; Fatass have a big fat chubby face now, and aged pretty quick, thanks to her owl-lifestyle.

As we've been working hard on fusing new flavors for our cupcakes and beefsticks, we were glad that there have been orders, though it doesn't exceed 100 for each order. It was fun. Rushing for orders, choosing the right design and carriage for the cupcakes, and having sleepless nights. It is stressful. But it was worth it, since the payoff was satisfying - payoff; in terms of good reviews and ahem, ka-ching's. The first batch went down to Phoebe's corporate get-together.

The request was real simple; 50 cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes or anything that's tasty. Experiments and more white rodents to sacrificed. (*Devilish Grin*) The good part of it; Fatass would be able to fuse for new flavors to post it under our up-coming cake blog; Temptationz, which is now under construction. The sad part; there's none. =)

Speaking of new flavors, there were four. Sassy May Sesame (picture above); a moist devil's food cupcake with black sesame and white chocolate cream as filling. It was then frosted with dark chocolate ganache and covered with fine white chocolate shavings. Lastly, topped of with piece of chocolate, flavored; toasted black sesame.

The best of the four was Cashramel (picture above); a moist chocolate cupcake with cashewnut cream as filling. Topped off with home-cooked caramel frosting and ONE baby cashewnut. We were told that the office workers crave for this baby and it gone real fast compared to the others.

Next up; Rosie O' Pistachio (picture above). Fancy name, close to Rosie O' Donnell's. Formerly known as the rosewater and pistachio cupcake. A rosewater cupcake filled with generous amount of pistachio cream as filling, frosted with rosewater buttercream and pistachio bits. We should have work on this piece! A cute mini sugarpaste - red roses, will do just enough. Purrrfection! =)

Last piece to babble on, Pop-A-Mint (standing on the third row - horizontally); a moist vanilla cupcake with peppermint chocolate cream as filling, frosted with peppermint cream and topped of with dark chocolate curls. The cupcakes fit nicely into a big red box, real big. And delivered to the company on the next day. A great companion were there to lead the route to the KOM-PA-NIE; Molly. Thanks for that! Appreciate it very much! =)

Next up, cupcakes for a wed-dinner. For Ryo and Mizuki's wedding dinner. A big thankyou to O-man (you know who you are) for this! Appreciate the biz! =)

They were tryouts though, and the tryout's babies were the Banana Cupcakes above. The banana cupcakes were just fine, not as fluffy as we have expected, which calls for more sour cream for the next round. Filled with banana pastry cream and as for the frosting, it was pure buttercream topped off with slices of bananas and chocolate. This baby here doesn't make it to the tiers, blame the browned bananas. (*Grin*)

The other baby that weeps quite a lot for not making into the finals was S-berry Cupcake. It was a simple and moist vanilla cupcake filled with luscious strawberry jam cum puree, frosted with whipping cream and topped off with strawberry halves and chocolate curls. Molly and us do agree that the strawberry seems to be too huge for the cupcake itself. We did some work though, we search for tiny ones but to no avail. Sad case. Besides, the strawberries seems to rot a little, once left at room temperature. Blackened, rot - perhaps, blackened should be the proper word. =)

There were three others who made it though; Matcha Earl Grey Cupcakes, Banana Cream Cupcakes and Blueberry Bleu Cupcakes. Matcha Earl Grey Cupcakes were basically an idea of the bride to be. We personally love the combinations too - fusion of Western tea (Earl Grey) and Asian tea (Green Tea). The cupcake itself is an Earl Grey cupcake with a generous amount of dried fruits baked in with. The dried fruits were wickedly sweet though. It was then topped off with a green tea frosting and a white chocolate rose.

Thinking aback, the white chocolate roses were painfully moulded. Excruciatingly painful. Very very time consuming. We'll go for sugarpaste the next time though sugarpaste turn us off. (*Chuckles*)

As for the banana cream cuppy, it was a banana cupcake with banana pastry cream filling. It was frosted with unsweetened whipping cream and chocolate rose buds. It looked way too pure, and simple.

Hence, this calls for our fav garnish of all; peppermint leaves! It looked better though - at least it doesn't look like an unfinished cuppy.

Lastly, the Blueberry Bleu Cupcake. A moist vanilla cupcake with blueberry filling and whipping cream, topped off with three' blueberries, chocolate sticks and peppermint leaves - again.

We opted for blueberry fillings than blueberry jams as the filling itself contains real chunky blueberries.

As to end this part, wishing the couple a fun-filled happy years to come; Ryo and Miz. =)

The other order was actually a non-cupcake order, which put our frosting-with-spatula skills to test. It was a big cake; which resembles a PUG. A dog. No! A pug! Okay, maybe it doesn't really resembles a pug. But at least, it's a dog. =)

It was a chocolate cake with chocolate and banana cream. It was then frosted with banana cream, which is pale yellow and the sides were then covered with chocolate shavings - to hide the flaws. Ahem. Then, piping chocolate ganache begins. The kitchen were stained with fingerprints - chocolate. To finish it off, a white chocolate rose were adhered onto the dog's ears. The review we've gotten was the cake itself were prettily creamy. We'll work on that. We will... ;)

As for sleepless nights, it's time to take some doggy nap; recharge. We see no sun. =)