Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blueberry Buzz

We had a joyous blueberry moment last week. From buns to cupcakes, we've been experimenting blueberries and its preserves. We do prefer the preserves over the jam itself. First, we had the milk bun, or shall we say, Blueberry Milk Buns.

While awaiting for the bread dough's proofing time, the fillings were made. The fillings consists mainly of butter and milk powder, which smelt more like a vanilla pod rather than an infant's puke. (*Snorts*)

The fillings were used and divided accordingly. After wrapping up the filling with appropriate size of bread dough, it was then placed carefully onto a large baking tray for proofing once more.

Our favorite baking procedures of all then occurs, which is after the bread doughs have doubled in size; piping poolicious filling on the surface of the buns. We enjoy and love looking at the swirls. See, some poos are cute too. ;)

Next, the sweet and addictive blueberry jam on its top. It was piped out for the piping bag too. Lucky us for investing on stacks of disposable piping bag. And the last thing to do was popping them to the preheated oven.

Once baked and cooled on a wire rack, one can chow down these C-grade babies. The best part out of this bun was probably its milk based fillings, and oh boy, not the blueberry jams. The bread dough was pretty badly kneaded. And that is maybe why the bread had gone as hard as an artificial bone in days later. Well, no wastage. Let's play fetch and catch with the other poochies.

Some of the buns were sent to our loved ones. As for this month, we're working on fluffier buns. More experiments to come.

After the buns, dozens of vanilla cupcakes were baked. We ran out of ideas - in terms of the cupcakes flavors and toppings. Since we're in the heat of chowing carbs accompanied by blueberries, we bet that some blueberry jam slabbed on the top of the cupcakes will do just enough. Presenting the Blueberry And Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes.

We planned to cut the top a little and filled it with the fillings, too bad, it'll take time. Hence, we jumped onto the bandwagon and end up with the filler with a long rounded nozzle. The blueberry jam was then filled into the cupcakes.

Next, the purple buttercream were made. As we do not want much coloring paste to be infused into the buttercream, we add in sufficient amount of blueberry jam into it. Less icing sugar were used, as to fulfill Ma's wishes.

Then, sugar bug came to bit us in the arse. It's time to add some real rough purple colored sugars on the top.

As for the topping, we fully utilize the Blueberry chocolate coated marshmallows from Hershey's. Thumbs up for Ma, so happened that she bought packs of these!

We slice the marshmallows into two and top each of the cupcakes with a slice of it.

And we did slice the decorated final product; the cupcakes into two too. The main reason was to see how much filling can the long nozzle can filled the cavity of the cupcakes. Just a little. We'll try the cone method one fine day.

And the overall product was looking pretty. Taste wise, the blueberry flavor was not as strong as we have expected. We'll definitely scoop in the blueberry preserves - both; to fill or to be used as decors the next time.