Tuesday, April 10, 2007

February Roundup; Valentines

We're totally making a come-back. By doing round-ups, we will be saving much more time. Getting to the main point, the month of February was awesome. Awesome, in the sense that, hey, we've got whole loads of post to be paw-printed. Counting with my paws, excluding Fatass Michelle's fingers and toes, there were exactly 2 occasions which make February an alluring and exicting month for everyone of us, which were Chinese New Year's and Valentine's. Back to the main point, does it make any sense if we are now wishing readers/doggie-lovers a "Happy Belated Valentines"? (*smiles vainly*)

Yes, I do agree that adorable poochies like Rufus and I were as cute as hell in the Valentines snapshots above. Moving on, Fatass Michelle had made a few C-grade desserts just to go with the theme for the day; Valentines.

For the first one, which is a piece of cake, it's what she called the coffee bites. Not a cake, but a... I do not know what real bakers named them.

With a thick layer of coffee fillings (thick and can be lumpy, so, it shouldn't be a mousse I guess), a crumbly base made out of digestive bix and melted butter, and a soft, creamy thingie; which is beaten egg whites and sugar, topped with DARS white chocolate, it had a new profound, lame name; coffee bites! I can't think of something better. Mind us.
Whisky's verdict
: Just nice, but the fillings was too thick though smooth, aroma of the coffee was not strong enough, need to be refrigerated so that the base holds on together.

Without hestitation, Fatass sort these coffee bites out and kept them in a pink packaging before getting her hands on the mixer for the other C-grade dessert.

Here goes the other.
The one which really goes with the theme, Valentines. Come on, low-calories, not too sweet and more importantly, nutritious, what's not to like? With fruits which had the same fur texture as an Alsation do. Short brown fur. Wired a little due to lack of moisturizer. Here's a hint...

Yes, do bark aloud. It's the Kiwi's. Fatass the dumbass gave me her suggestions. Saying that we should topped the dessert with a big brown furry unpeeled Kiwi, in order to make it look a bit of doggielicious. What the dog?! One insane fatass talking poppycock to a sane flatass. To get a bigger picture; here's my version of the topping, based on the Valentines theme.

Voila! Just nice. Looked juicy. Let's get to the full view of it because I'm really running out of words and the suspense mood.

Do rub your eyes. I did. Because this is the first and the last time I'll be taking that as a title; Low-Calorie Kiwi Pudding. What a name. I forgave Fatass for putting up that name. But boy, it was cute - with my carved kiwi as the topping. Washing the moulds was the worst thing ever. One word; troublesome. Our newly bought you-measure-yourself moulds ranging from Rm6+ each were used. Good thing, our helper cleans them.

After baking them approximately for 10 to 15 minutes, the unbaked turns into baked puddings, generally made out of egg whites and sugar. No egg yolks involved. Yes, very low in calorie. Soon then, after the cooling session, I've transferred these baked puddings into round microwaveable round tupperwares, there's sauces incurred. So, pretty boxes were banned for that.

Next step; FILLING THE PUDDING WITH YOUR LOVE. That's meaningful enough for our Valentines celebration. Filling in your love and present them to your loved ones. Fatass the dumbass suggested that real pure blood sounds even better. That's what you get when you talked to an insane fatass.

Done. All filled up, with kiwi flavoured yogurt. And beneath it, as sauces, just in case the pudding was too dry.

They do blend well, with sour yogurt sauces and sweet pudding, with the not-so aromatic kiwi smell. All in all, it's very low in calorie. That's what matters the most. Barked Out Loud.
Whisky's verdict
: Blended well, sweet and sour. Best served cold, or not it'll be a little sticky. Glad that it uses easy-to-get ingredients which we can buy them in any mart rather than bakery stores.

And luckily, these C-grade babies arrived on time for our loved ones, the very best bud and the very best soulmate of Fatass. Well, to end this Valentine's post, have great belated V-days, doggie-lovers!