Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dogs As Bloggers

King Whisky.De.Bordeaux

is generally the one and only way to express my dissatisfaction that I've been through all these years. Human beings do write blogs. So why can't we? (Duh...I'm a dog). As we know, animals
DO write blogs...


Wait a minute, let's just say; this is somekind of a journal thingy... A paw print... And I should have one. Why should'nt I? Human beings call them weblog or blog. We doggies translated it into 'woof-grr-woof'; the paw-print-journal. I made that up. Simple yet elegant (that's what Skinny Rachel love to say).

Rachel: Skinny Yet Elegant (Pun Intended)

Let's move on. These are somehow the reasons why I started to have a try on this so-called mainstream hobby; blogging. Let me jot this down;

  1. To express my dissatisfaction about how my fatass owner treated me
  2. As some sort of evidence for the SPCA officials (*grin*)
  3. To help PAWS and SPCA on the outgrowing numbers of little pups in the world (*adopt one please*)
  4. Oh yeah, last but not least, to post pictures of my furry bitches (*sniff buttie time*)

"Euthanice-ly" (Pun Intended)

Lemme see... 101, 102, 103......

It is sad to see these poor innocent friends of mine being euthanized every month. What kind of barbaric act is this?! Euthanized for no reason? For dog's sake... I know, I know... I'm very LUCKY to be here (*sob*). Anyways, log onto these websites; and

Get to know more about my furry friends... Join these clubs, sign the petition, help them, save them... And be a responsible owner if you'd really plan to adopt one (Fatass Michelle, this is for you :P).

Woof-ed by;
King Whisky.De.Bordeaux